The Revolutionary Princess

Who Am I? You decide, I'm not going to hide. I'm 19 years old and gender non-conforming, mtf transgender. trying to be strong and independent with a love for the vintage, the bold, the beautiful, and the unique. I'm a social justice advocate, fangirl, and fashion-makeup-perfume enthusiast. My pronouns are She,Her,Hers, Herself.
My fandoms are Teen Wolf, Big Time Rush, Harry Potter. The Golden Girls,
I also love Florence Welch, Marina Diamandis, Amy Winehouse, Holland Roden, Audrey Hepburn

warning:here there be porn (sometimes)

Slytherin rapier hilt that I’m thinking of getting


Slytherin rapier hilt that I’m thinking of getting


I can’t believe this needs to be said.

Non-op/pre-op trans women are still women.

Non-op/pre-op trans men are still men.

While it’s okay for someone to be uncomfortable having a sexual relationship with a non-op or post-op trans person, that does not make the trans person in question any less of their gender.

Do not let people tell that you aren’t your gender.

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So I’m a late updater, on Monday I went to the city with my best friend Amber for an early birthday adventure. Before she arrived to meet me I hit up Tiffany and co as well as Bergdorf Goodman (just looking around and played with perfumes at BG) we went to callen lorde health clinic to begin my hormone process and met with a social worker (return appointment October 29) went to El Toro Blanco for dinner hit up a bunch of bookstores in the Village, And got hopelessly lost and almost missed our transportation home.